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A Joy To Groom

Tailored One To One Dog Grooming for your loyal friend

Tailored One To One Dog Grooming for your loyal friend

Tailored One To One Dog Grooming for your loyal friendTailored One To One Dog Grooming for your loyal friend

Welcome to A Joy To Groom!   

Fully Qualified OCN Diploma in Dog Grooming in Langport, Somerset.


Due to Covid-19 I have sadly had to close the Salon as of 24/03/2020.  Following guidance from the government I can not ask any of my loyal customers to leave their homes unnecessarily. 

I will be contacting you personally regarding your appointments in the coming days.  Thank you all for your support and understanding.

About Me


Full Grooming and Care for your Dog

My name is Jill,  I have a purpose built salon in Langport, Somerset, which offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in which your dog can be given the time, treatments and care that they deserve.  No dog is too big or too small and all coats and breeds can be catered for.  Puppy Grooming School packages are encouraged as soon as your new friend is fully vaccinated which is very beneficial to their socialisation.

On your first visit a full history will be taken from you regarding your pet, including any health problems or special requirements.   All shampoo's, colognes and treats (if diet allows) are organic, natural and safe for all coat and skin types.  Every groom includes ear cleaning and nail trimming if needed.  Prices are all based on breed, temperament and coat condition.   

For the last three years or so I have been working within a dog grooming environment and have learnt the trade from the ground up.  I am fully qualified with a OCN Diploma in Dog Grooming.  I also hold  City & Guilds Level 3 in Dog Grooming as well as certificates in Canine First Aid and Compassionate Handling and Behaviour.  I attend teaching sessions and seminars regularly to make sure that my knowledge and skills are up to date.  As a family we share our home with a Show Cocker Spaniel called Dot and previously adopted two ex-racing Greyhounds who lived to the ripe old age of 13 and 10 years old.


I am A Member of the BDGA, PIF & The Groomers Spotlight

I am proud to be a member of the British Dog Groomers' Association and also subscribe to the Pet Industry Federation Members' Charter.  By doing this I agree to abide by their ten-point charter as well as working to a code of conduct.  Details of this can be found in the salon and on the My Pet People Website.    As  a  fully  qualified  dog groomer  I  am  also  a  memeber  of  The  Groomers  Spotlight   click  to  find  out  more.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Working on a one to one basis I am  prepared for any dogs' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness whilst being groomed is my priority as this helps to contribute to their all round wellbeing.  I provide a professional dog grooming service that I would want for Dot, my own dog  to receive.    

Services & Treatments

Prices are Individual based on Breed and Coat Condition, please phone for a quote....


This includes :  

* Shampoo, Conditioning and Massaging Bath

* Full Coat brush out

* Safe fluff drying 

* Sanitary clip

* Coat Styled to breed standard or custom pet trim.

* Gentle Ear Cleaning

* Nail Clipping


This option is suited to breeds that are Double Coated as it will reduce shedding and keep your dog clean and healthy.

This includes:

*Shampoo, Conditioning and Massaging Bath

* Full Coat brush out

* Safe fluff drying

* Undercoat blast and De-shed

* Sanitary Clip @ owners request

* Gentle Ear Cleaning

* Nail Clipping


Hand-stripping is a technique that involves pulling (or plucking)  the dead outer coat of wire haired or rough coated breeds by hand or with stripping tools.  This helps to maintain their correct coat texture and colour.  

This includes:

* Hand-stripping of the coat 

* Soothing Massaging Bath

*  Safe drying

* Full Coat brush out 

* Sanitary Clip @ owners request

* Gentle Ear Cleaning

* Nail Clipping


For short coated breeds or for in-between full grooms to keep your dogs coat clean and healthy.

This includes:

*Shampoo, Conditioning & Massaging Bath

* Safe Drying

* Full Coat brush out

* Gentle Ear Cleaning

* Nail Clipping


We have a Puppy Grooming School option available for your new companion (under 6 months of age on last session) which will introduce them quickly over a 10 week period to the sights and sounds they will encounter whilst also helping with their all round socialisation.  

This includes:

* 1 Visit to experience the salon and surroundings (1/2 hour session)

* 5 Calming Bath and Brush out grooming sessions (5 x 1 hour sessions)

* Introduction to ear cleaning and nail clipping.

* Sanitary and face tidying as they get older

* A grooming tool appropriate to their coat for grooming at home.  


Ultrasonic teeth cleaning for your dog, a gentle and non-invasive treatment that will help to prevent tartar and plaque which can lead to bad breath, inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis) and bone or tooth loss (Periodontal  Disease).  This treatment can be performed on dogs who have early signs of tooth decay preventing further invasive treatments.

£30 for first session including toothbrush head

£15 for follow up sessions

This service can be offered as a stand alone treatment for dog or as part of their Groom when they visit (must be booked in advance).

Nail Clipping is also offered as a stand alone service starting from £5.


Penny enjoying some wet play time!

A visit to A Joy to Groom

Watch Jack's visit to our salon, it will give an idea as to the experience your dog will have when visiting.  Your four pawed friend will be given lots of praise, encouragement and treats as rewards (as allowed).  Special thanks to Steve Law at for this video.


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Please enquire below either by message or by phone call to discuss the individual needs of your dog.  A warm welcome, quiet environment and treats (if allowed) await your four pawed friend at A Joy to Groom.

A Joy To Groom

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